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    Artists from all over the country,The lowest price for you,The quality of thoughtful design,City artists sincerely service for you。
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    Intelligent life shopping mall

    Language technology mall,A new technology applied to the site in their lives,Let the life have a new experience of intelligent technology。
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    Internet advertising design services,Since the media advertising design and delivery,And a good new media advertising design and channels。
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    Focus on mobile phone website design、Micro sites、A mobile phoneAPPCustom development,Create a dynamic brand website。

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    For the law of life to build online legal service
    Collection of optimal mobile assistant
    City beautiful language engineering design department of science and technology enterprise design outsourcing services
    Branch network technology co., LTD. Free for the record
    The new four dimensional diagram - Boring around the map
    Language intelligence mall
  • Language network technology co., LTDmianfeiSite

2015Company registered capital at first only1Ten thousand yuan,Establishment of mianzhu branch network technology co., LTD。During the company's business:Business card design、Web site set up、WiFiAdvertising equipment laying and operating items,From2014Years6Month,Founder began to do from school campus shopping program。2015Years12On members of the company founder and redesign the market development direction,In order to: Can do it、We can do、The concept of something and do it as our market direction!Our organization set up mianzhu language network technology co., LTD design department,Each part of the collection of information and to collaborate with the design printing co., LTD,A strategic cooperative relations,To design market。 Our service tenet:Continue to create the best quality service for customers,Welcome to contact:08383021302,Look forward to serving you...
  • Team concept

    To the team,Each member to have a common goal,Consistent direction,To win-win,Each member team helping each other,Division of labor cooperation,We can do for...
  • Talent concept

    Everyone has his own ability,Language attaches great importance to the reasonable function of science and technology。The role of a nail can play its unwavering perseverance and responsible attitude...
  • Brand concept

    2017In our original design in order to form a team!Not only for design of the order,More to do original design brand,Brand is the door key in the future...
  • Social responsibility

    We are of high quality for enterprise partners,For students and office workers can we make it easy to learn and part-time,Create value for society is our unremitting efforts...


2015Years,We have registered the company together,Mr Shun-long li with his unremitting persistence and a team effort...


2016Years,There, the company's development direction,Lay the foundation for future development...


We are the first e-commerce sites complete development and campus shoppingwifiAdvertising to complete cooperation...


Customer service for more than10More than,The company product research and development efforts continue,We are to hope to go on...


City art website online,A graphic platform for the city and urban services belong to the artist...


Mr Xiaojian as my company design minister and other important position,In the rapid development of modern urban design team...


Mianzhu department language network technology co., LTD. Has developed to the team25People,Now after the company personnel minister Mr ZhanGaoQiang efforts...

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Language+Service,Build a new pattern brand design integrated services,To better provide customers with a full range of enterprise services and life intelligence...

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